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What better occasion to sweep your sweetheart of their feet than Valentine’s Day! Officially, it’s the day of love. You leave no stone unturned to show the girlfriend a good time and she’ll be impressed to the hilt. Who knows? Maybe she’ll buy you that football jersey which you desperately want to sport--the potential of Valentine’s Day.

Why is 14th of February chosen as the day when people all over the world celebrate their romantic liaisons? If one goes by history, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honour of Saint Valentine. Who is St. Valentine is still a mystery, but it is evident the festival pays homage to some Roman and Christian traditions. Legend has it that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February because the saint died in that month in 270 AD or thereabouts. Some reckon that the Christian Church decided that St. Valentine’s feast day would be held in the middle of February so that the pagan festival of Lupercalia, a festival of fertility, would be looked upon as a Christian one. Valentine’s Day in the west is a big deal now. In countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, France and Australia, it is celebrated with gusto. In India, the festival in the urban areas has certainly caught on, although conservatives view it as a cultural invasion from the West.

Over time, like everything else, Valentine’s Day has grown extra limbs. What was once a one-day celebration, is nowadays a seven-day affair. For some people the seven-day show means a lot. Let’s say you’re a 15-year old girl. You just can’t wait for school to get over! Why? Because your boyfriend is waiting to gift you that beautiful rose in honour of Rose Day which kicks off Valentine’s Day celebrations on the 7th of February. The next day, 8th of February, known as Propose Day is a life-changing day for any bachelor. It’s the big day and a big surprise for your lady, so everything has to be in order. You take her to the beach and give her the ring. You’re ready to take the plunge. 9th of February is the best day if the two of you are chocolate-lovers. Anointed as Chocolate Day you have the perfect surprise for your boyfriend – a packet of Belgian chocolates! He��ll love it and everybody will be happy. Up next is Teddy Day on February 10th. The lady has to have her teddies before she nods off. So you march off to the nearest teddy store and buy a teddy, which the female attendant describes as adorable. The next three days known as Promise Day (11th February), Kiss Day (12th February), and Hug Day (13th February) are a tip of the hat to cornerstones in every relationship. Finally, the day the love birds cherish, namely Valentine’s Day arrives in its joyful garb.

In India, excited youngsters showing off their gifts on Valentine’s Day is an occurrence seen every year now. Every coffee shop is full of romantic couples giggling and having a good time. Even amongst college students and young working adults, it is a much sought-after festival. It also brings out various creative talents in a person. How many times have we seen a song or poem sung or written by an individual for their special someone? Doing something such as buying a card with a heartfelt message also goes a long way.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas have evolved through the decades. Flowers are a thing of the past, but chocolates are forever a big thing. In today’s age, gadgets are a huge attraction and it’s no different in love. For instance as you went to bed, your wife gave a clue that you’d be in for a super duper the next morning. Well, it was hard sleeping at night. When the clock struck six you were up, as was your wife. She then took out a packet wrapped in shiny paper and handed it you with love. When you unwrapped it, you were overjoyed! In the packet was the smartphone you had wanted all along! You’ve never loved your wife more!

Any man would testify that choosing a gift for her on Valentine’s Day is hard. It has to be perfect. Not earrings again. You gifted your wife earrings last Valentine’s Day. Not scented candles either. Your house is full of them. You scratch your head. “Seriously, what do I get her?” You wonder, “A book? Nope, she’s read everything.” A friend then suggests a literary scarf, which does make a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift. Engraved on a scarf is some lettering from her favourite book. When she sees it she leaps for joy and can’t stop hugging you. Oh, and she makes you the best meal you’ve ever had. You pat yourself on the back!

From teenagers to thirty-somethings, tattoos are a rage. Your girlfriend’s best friend has a tattoo. Your girlfriend is now dying to get one. Whenever you meet, all she talks about is the tattoo. Also, her best friend is the center of attention on Facebook. Who wouldn’t like that? So you put two and two together and get her a gift card of a famous tattoo parlour. Your stock is just gone up hundredfold not just in her eyes but in everybody else’s eyes. Tattoos are indeed a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for teenagers!

Let’s say you just got married. You don’t have a car nor does your husband who travels far. He has to change two buses. By the time he comes back home he’s exhausted. How can you change this? Valentine’s Day is also coming up. You put your thinking hat on. A car would be the best solution. At some point you’ll have to buy a car, but the problem is there’s not enough cash to buy a car. The next best solution is a bike. That you can afford, so you go down to the nearest bike store and come home with a super duper bike. On Valentine’s Day morning when you gift him the keys, he’s speechless and after a minute does something he’s not done in a long time—he gives you a hug! You’re pleased as punch. Well, that’s what Valentine’s Day is about –love and gifts.