5 Fashion Hacks to Prep Up for This Monsoon

June 26th 2018 a year ago

Fashion Hacks for Monsoon

We all know how every woman at times detests the monsoon. Those rainy season allergies, not being able to wear some clothes due to rain to our make ups not staying on for a long time. But hey! Don’t be sad. Here are some fashion hacks that could be used to take your fashion sense level much higher this monsoon!

  1. Keeps your eyes on this

Monsoon isn’t the best season to experiment with your eyes. This is the season where being classy rules and quite frankly, it’s easy as well. Do not apply more shades but keep them elegant and neutral with minimal Kajal. Using a waterproof thin lined Kajal to shape your eyes and a drop of rain that falls by is just going to add more dew-ness and drama. With Amazon coupons in hand, picking one of your choices is now easy-peasy.

  1. Add some colour

Like we said, rain might not let you experiment and flaunt much but, it doesn’t mean you need to be dull. Add a dash of colour to the gloomy weather and go all vibrant. Pick out some really colourful shades of dresses and fill up some brightness in you and the spaces around you. Check out for some clothes and get some discounts with Myntra coupon code.

  1. Umbrellas to the rescue

The old-age saviour of all during monsoon has been our very own umbrella. One might scorn at the idea of how an umbrella is a fashion hack but, trust us, fashion is everything and everywhere around you. Having some cute, classy and colourful patterns on your umbrella will surely make you stand out in the crowd. Flipkart coupons might just be what you need to get those in your closet!

  1. Happy feet are a happy you

Wet shoes are a reality of the monsoon but, wearing wet shoes for long can lead to unbearable odour and also fungal infections. Keep yourself clean and always avoid wearing any cloth or shoes which is wet from a long time. In some cases, carrying spares is always a great option. Be prepared.

  1. Healthy skin

With rains pouring abundantly, the skin rashes and acnes to allergies also rise in number and frequency. Using some herbal face packs and hair packs can exfoliate dead skin and keep your face and hair healthy and shining. Buy some of the best hair care and skin care essentials as Nykaa offers a wide range of beauty products.

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