10 Must Have Accessories for Your Smartphone

May 23rd 2018 2 years ago

Must Have Mobile Accessories

Bought a new phone? Want to take the standards of your phone a notch higher?

It is always the accessories which enhance the looks and makes your phone much more awesome! Accessories add a dash of elegance and an overall new outlook to the phone.

But, it isn’t always about looks but the comfort and ease that comes along.

  1. Let your speakers make some noise :

Whether you’re in a party or on a trip with friends, music is a must. Blazing music yet with a good audio quality is now available on online e-commerce platforms like amazon. So, check our DealsPricer website for more amazon offers.  

  1. Say Cheers to these lenses :

The biggest advantage of having phones are the various inbuilt features it comes with like that of a camera. Camera is now such an indispensable part of our daily routine right from clicking pictures of ourselves or friends, the nature, of notes or important documents. But, one common complaint persists- resolution!

Say hi to these optical lenses which come for multi-purposes – to zoom, for macro details, for wide angles and so on. Now, even a distant picture speaks details.

  1. Protect thy lens :

Our cameras might make us look magical but in turn, these cameras too need some magic to protect them from wear and scratches. If you want to prolong the shelf life of your lens, then a camera lens protector is a must!

  1. Selfie le liya kya? 

Now, taking selfies anywhere and everywhere has just become a common thing that no one bats an eye anymore. But, when someone needs to take a group-fie, selfie sticks are the saviour sticks! Check out for some selfie sticks on Paytm mall and use our Paytm mall coupons for discounts.

  1. Virtual or real!

With the advancement in technologies, virtual reality is now an illusion we get to experience. With VR headsets costing as low as a few hundreds, having them for an alternate experience is worthy for sure.

  1. Hail the sun :

Sunlight is a resource that is getting wasted without being used to its full potential. How about having a solar power bank that charges up your phone without the need of electricity? Sounds very economical!

  1. Bluetooth headsets :

Are you a busy person always on the go and on calls? Tired of holding your phones and talking for hours? Bluetooth headsets are the perfect solution to your bane. It allows one to make and receive calls allowing your hands some much needed rest.

  1. Earphones. Do you hear us?

No matter how much fuss we make about having speakers and its fun part, but, when you need to unwind and enjoy some ‘me-time’, then, earphones is your dear friend. With flipkart coupons in hand, go buy the best set.

  1. Mad about Gamepads : 

If you or your friend is someone who loves playing games on their smartphones then, yes! Buy gamepads to keep yourself and your friends hooked up to the small screen.

There is so much more that adds a sense of comfort and elegance to our existing smartphones, mobile accessories offers are indeed a ray of hope to the otherwise boring world of just phones!

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